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Closing Tips

After such a challenging year, we strongly encourage you to check out the many free digital "e-book," "audio-book," and "read-along book" resources available through the brand-new SORA app, which allows all NYC students instant "single sign-on" access to  e-books from the DOE's large Citywide Digital Library; our own school library e-book purchases; AND the extensive collections of ALL THREE NYC public libraries (NYPL, Brooklyn, and Queens). It's AMAZING what is at your fingertips now through SORA!! Check out the IS 75 SORA Tutorial for step-by-step instructions to set up your NYC student account. It's very user-friendly!
It's also super easy to get a library barcode online through the NYPL's SimplyE! e-reader app if you don't already have one.  (See SimplyE for iOS or SimplyE for Android), or just apply online for a barcode​​​​​​​. Also, we have put together a resource list of great e-books to further assist you (see How to Find Some Great E-Books for Summer Reading​​​​​​​). You can also check out additional vetted websites geared specifically for middle school students on our Paulo Virtual Library, which offer lots of other ideas to keep kids engaged and busy! Finally, your to find 10 simple tips for making reading an enjoyable and FUN experience for your child this summer, click Summer Reading Should Be Fun​​​​​​​. So encourage your children to pick some books that may really interest them, and enjoy them! Let them see you reading, too, and discussing what you read. Stay safe and healthy this summer!