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Here are the Mathematics Assignments:

  • Click the link below for a printable assignment which is to be completed and turned in to student's math teacher. Students should NOT use a calculator for this assignment and should show ALL work.
  • Printable packet of 48 questions 


Grades 7 and 8 are using IXL, with which students are familiar. Students log in at (Log-in instructions have been given repeatedly in all Math classes. The USERNAME is student's OSIS # and the password for all students is welcome1).
    • PLEASE NOTE: For Grades 7 and 8 IXL Assignments, students must score 100 or answer at least 15 questions correctly for EACH standard.  


Incoming Grade 7 IXL Assignment for Academic/ICT/12:1 Students:
  • 6th Grade: R.15 - "Unit Rate: Word Problems"
  • 6th Grade: S.11 - "Percents of Numbers: Word problems"
  • 6th Grade: S. 14 - "Find What Percent One Number Is Of Another: Word Problems"
  • 6th Grade: Z.10 and Z.11 - "Solve One-Step Equations With Decimals, Fractions and Mixed Numbers"


Incoming Grade 7 Scholars IXL Assignment
  • 7th Grade C.12 - "Add and Subtract Integers"
  • 7th Grade C.21 - "Multiply and Divide Integers" 
  • 7th Grade G. 16 - "Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Fractions and Mixed Numbers: Word Problems"
  • 7th Grade R. 15 - "Add and Subtract Like Terms With Exponents" 
  • 7th Grade S. 5 - "Solve One-Step Equations"


Incoming Grade 8 Academic/ICT/12:1 IXL Assignment
  • 7th Grade: C.24 - "Evaluate Numerical Expressions Involving Integers"
  • 7th Grade: J.16 - "Constant Rate of Change"
  • 7th Grade: N.2 - "Multi-Step Word Problems"
  • 7th Grade: U.4 - "Solve Word Problems Involving Two-Variable Equations"


Incoming Grade 8 Scholars have a special assignment -  


DUE DATE: Friday, September 17, 2021. Please note that all Math Summer Assignments will count as 2 (two) homework assignments toward the first marking period grade.