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Social Studies

For Social Studies, students will read one nonfiction OR one historical fiction book on the time period they will be studying in 2021-2022. Please Note: Students may choose ANY non-fiction or historical fiction book that fits into following grade-specific time periods: Grade 6 can pick any title to do with world history; Grade 7 can choose titles from the first half of U.S. history, up to and including the U.S. Civil War; and Grade 8 Academic Classes must pick titles in the second half of U.S. history, i.e., from 1870 to the present

Students will then complete EITHER one (1) Menu “A” task OR two (2) Menu “B” options from the task menus in Incoming Grades 6, 7, and 8 Social Studies Summer 2021 Assignment​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. (IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: Grade 8 Scholars taking REGENTS CLASSES will be doing a DIFFERENT assignment. See Regents Class assignment here and in links below).

     In addition to menu task-choices, in this document you will also find some sample suggestions of possible book choices for each grade. Please note that THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES; it is NOT required that you choose one from this list. Another option during this very unique summer is to choose a non-fiction or historical fiction book in e-book format. Click Some Great E-Books You Can Use For Your Summer Social Studies Summer Assignment ​​​​​​​to find out how to access these.

    Some additional suggestions of titles to make World History come alive for Grade 6 Social Studies students can also be found by clicking Great World History Nonfiction and Historical Fiction Picks. For Grades 7 and 8 Social Studies (i.e., non-Scholars Grade 8), check out some possibilities at Excellent United States History nonfiction and historical fiction picks. You can use these titles as a guide to see the KINDS of topics and time periods that are acceptable for this assignment (a wide variety!) You will find that many nonfiction and historical fiction SORA titles will "fit the bill" nicely.

Click below and follow the directions for your appropriate grade:

** Please note that all Grade 8 Scholars students (all of whom are taking the Regents Social Studies Class) have a DIFFERENT assignment IN LIEU OF, NOT IN ADDITION TO, the assignment for non-scholars students. 

*Important Instructions for Grade 8 Scholars: Your unique assignment can be accessed by clicking the link above, and is based on Let's Review Regents: U.S. History and Government 2020 (Barron's Regents NY) by John McGeehan and Morris Gall, a part of the Barron’s Review Course Series. (This book is not required to be purchased for this particular summer assignment, although some students may elect to purchase it as a reference/study tool to use during the course of the 2020-21 academic year). For existing Grade 8 Scholars Paulo students, the TWO required essays (one Stimulus-Based Short Essay and one Civic Literacy Essay) must be submitted as a Google Doc by the end of the first week in September. New students (those without a school Google account) may type and submit the two essays to their 2021-22 Social Studies teacher via email. 

Please note: For the Document-Based Essay, students should study the various documents given, answer the short-answer questions that correspond to each document, and then use evidence from at least five of the documents in the DBQ essay. A hard copy of these short-answer questions may also be printed out from the website and must be submitted to the teacher by Friday, September 17, 2021. (The two student model essay examples linked above are meant to be used for REFERENCE ONLY, just to show how thorough and structured your own essays need to be). In addition, a full-period test based on the assigned readings and multiple choice questions will be administered sometime during the second week of school to all Regents scholars Social Studies students. Questions will be randomly chosen from the assigned exams.

Due Date: End of the first week of school, i.e., September 17, 2021. Please note that all Social Studies Summer Assignments will count as 2 (two) homework assignments toward the first marking period grade.