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Social Studies

For Social Studies, students will read one nonfiction OR one historical fiction book on the time period they will be studying in 2022-2023, that is, Grade 6 will be studying world history; Grade 7 the first half of U.S. history, up to and including the U.S. Civil War; and Grade 8 Academic Classes the second half of U.S. history, i.e., from approximately 1875 to the present. (EXAMPLES of recommended/suggested titles for each grade level are included via the link below for your convenience; please note that these are just suggestions, as you may read anything relevant to the time periods outlined above).

Simply click 2022 Social Studies Summer Assignment for ALL GRADES and follow the directions for your appropriate grade. ​(Please note that all Grade 8 Scholars students (who are required to take the Regents Social Studies Class) have a DIFFERENT assignment IN LIEU OF, NOT IN ADDITION TO, the grade-level assignments posted for non-scholars students).

Please note that e-books are also an option for this assignment (see Summer Assignments Home Page for these).

Due Date: End of the first week of school, i.e., September 16, 2022. Please note that all Social Studies Summer Assignments will count as 2 (two) homework assignments toward the first marking period grade.